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Online Tutoring

At MapleTree Learning, we believe that tutoring is more than just helping students receive a passing mark on a test; it's a way to motivate and prepare students to achieve their academic and professional goals in a competitive world.

MVP Reading Program

The MVP Reading Program was designed to help your child improve their phonic knowledge, reading comprehension and fluency. We take a fun and engaging approach on developing those crucial skills, resulting in your child becoming the MVP of reading!

They will have the opportunity to work collaboratively in groups with other children who are at the same learning level. Group sessions are a fun and effective way to make the most of their early development by helping them acquire new concepts and ideas, boost their confidence, enhance social skills and nurture their overall development.

Our reading program includes a variety of culturally relevant and cross-curricular texts that will allow your child to think critically and to become aware of their surrondings. Whether your child is looking to gain phonic knowledge, expand their vocabulary or gain reading comprehension skills we have a program to meet their needs!

Young kids

1:1 Reading Sessions

We tailor our Online Tutoring service to fit each of our students’ unique needs and circumstances.

With our interactive and engaging reading sessions plus your dedication to succeed, we guarantee academic results.

Our reading sessions will help your child gain the necessary skills and confidence to decode, analyze text and become a fluent reader. 

Happy Reader

Phonics Interventions

A highly interactive program designed to help children in KS1 gain the confidence and abilities needed to achieve a passing mark on their Phonics Screening Test.

Review, Teach, Practise and Apply!



Step 1: Assess

We evaluate your child’s strengths and weaknesses in reading so we know exactly where to start! The diagnostic assessment measures your child’s knowledge in phonemic awareness, vocabulary development, reading fluency and reading comprehension.

Step 2: Plan

We build a targeted learning plan tailored to your child’s needs to bring them up to speed and start getting RESULTS! The plan will allow us to determine which interventions may be needed in order to overcome any learning gaps. We will also focus on developing a growth mindset and your child will set attainable goals to hold them accountable and keep them motivated.

Step 3: Learn

Your child will master techniques to quickly and confidently decode words, analyze text and improve reading comprehension. We will learn through discussion, activity and play! Your child will grow their love for learning and their confidence will start to shine not only in reading but across all subjects.

Step 4: Succeed

It’s time to put your learning to the test! Your child will display their understanding by posting and responding to discussions, videos and weekly tasks. Students will take post-assessments so that we can measure and monitor their growth in the program.

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