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3 tips for keeping students engaged and focused

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Student engagement is detrimental to success.

The Power of Relationships

1. During my time as a teacher, I became acutely aware of how crucial solid relationships and dynamics are to a successful learning environment. Strong classroom dynamics not only keep students busy, happy and motivated but also facilitate students’ overall learning experience. Boosting classroom dynamics should, first and foremost, support students’ individual needs and preferences, but also make students feel supported and safe, to ultimately allow for deeper and greater learning.

It is important to remember that, as teachers, once we have gained the respect of our students, we have WON. Having their respect means having their attention and their desire to perform well, which leads to hard-working students.

Teachers can't always be serious and strict, WE ARE HUMAN! We all make mistakes and have silly days which I think is so important for students to witness. We are not perfect, and neither are our students, and holding them to impossibly high standards will only inevitably result in failure and disappointment.


2. Make learning FUN

It's no surprise that students are more engaged if they are having fun. The question is how to implement that “fun” in the classroom without losing focus?

Children are unstoppable when they are motivated. Their imagination and innocence allow them to think in a way that adults simply can no longer. Anything is achievable to a child when they are inspired and focused. Therefore, it’s our jobs as educators to find what inspires and drives our students towards success. We can start by adding humour into lessons, bringing in exciting technology, introducing frequent brain breaks or adding hands-on activities! There are endless ways we can make learning FUN; it just comes down to building those crucial relationships with your students and motivating them to strive high.

3. Give students FREEDOM

Giving students real choices in the classroom with regard to learning materials, assignments and the peers with whom they work can massively boost engagement and motivation. It also holds students accountable and allows them to develop independence and critical thinking. When we place restrictions and shut students out, they are far more likely to lose interest in participating. They will distract themselves and others, which may oftentimes lead to behavioural problems. Choice presents an incredible opportunity for students’ development of responsibility and ownership. This not only raises levels of engagement but also happiness as students truly feel that they have control and a say in shaping their learning journey and environment.

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